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CRG and Maranello chassis may be bought , all models from PUFO , BABY , MINI , KF , KZ including ROTAX  (for models and prices , see CRG 2012 PRICE LIST ) .  The 2012 generation of CRG and Maranello chassis had been designed in order to have the possibility to adjust the wheel base of the kart .

This feature is very useful for an efficient setting of kart - may bring an improvement of performance with about 0,2-0,4sec/lap , according to the circuit configutation.

Another new feature , specific only to CRG and Maranello chassis is the system that offer the possibity of indepedent setting of the front steering angles , camber respectively , caster

Taking into consideration the wide range of chassis and components that we may provide , we recommend contacting out technicians in order to choose the most efficient quality/price solutions .

We may delivery , also , karts for rent activity .

For prices see at the downloads section CRG 2012 PRICE LIST for racing and PRICE LIST RENTAL BLACK FLASH for the rent activity