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CRG Spa company is today the world leader in the manufacturing and marketing of kart chassis and components . The company was founded in 1986 thanks to the experience and determination of the founding partners that had established in the '70s , the small Kali Kart Company

The new CRG Spa company managed to transform the manufacture in a real robotized industry based on a massive investment and reserch-development plan entered in 2003 , by the side the engine manufacturer Maxter and other companies in the great TININI Holding

CRG has had a very dynamic expansion , reaching today to a quota of over 70 official dealers from Europe to Asia , Middle East , USA and Russia .

The collaboration in Romania started in 2002 with the AUTO MB SPORT company , which is the official CRG Romanian Dealer . This close collaboration was based on the friendship relation between Sig.Giancarlo Tinini , the CRG Spa, boss , one of the most powerfull personalities of karting and implicitly , from the world of motorsport , and Mr. Bogdan Mihaescu , the Auto MB Sport owner

Based on this relationship and under the patronage of CRG Spa , in 2010 , CRG Romania Racing Team came into existance . Our team benefits of all the logistics of proving of high-end technical racing assistance , racetrack engineer , telemetry assistance , assistance mechanics , 35/70sq/m special tent , truck for relocations etc. The technical training , karts set-up ang engines tuning are all provided by Auto MB Sport company , having an experience of over 30 years in motorsport .

The theoretical pilots training is provided by Matei Mihaescu , multiple Romanian and  South-East-EU  karting champion in 2002-2007 , 2006 official CRG Spa pilot , with an extensive experience in formula cars piloting of Fomula Renault 2,0 , Formula Master during the 2006-2009 period , experience gained on the most famous circuits from Europe . In 2009 , in the first his manager experience , Matei offered  technical and managerial support to the Romanian Robert Visoiu pilot . In 2010 Robert assisted by Matei , becames vice-champion KF3 categry in WSK MASTER SERIES ( the most competitive world karting private championship)

In 2011 , Robert Visoiu at 15 years old only , assisted by Matei Mihaescu , attacked the first step of formula cars , respectively Formula Abarth , succeeding to finish the Formula Abarth EU Series on the 4-th place

About 2012 Robert Visoiu results in GP3 and Formula 3 could be seen in the News section of our site.

 CRG Romania message

For a better understanding of the message that CRG Romania wishes to transmit, we will try to provide some definitions , national and international organizational details of the 4-wheel sports , especially those referring to karting:

Let's start with the definition of kart from The International Sport Code elaborated by FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile):

"Art. A kart is a land single seater vehicle without a roof or a cockpit, without suspensions and with or without bodywork elements with 4 non aligned wheels that are in contact with the ground, the 2 front ones of which control the direction and the other 2 rear ones, connected by a one piece axle, transmit the power. The main parts are the chassis (including the bodywork), the tyres and the engine".

In order to understand the international governing and organizing of 4-wheel motorsports , on FIA official site , , at Sport/Championships section , one can see all the world championships that FIA manages , and at the 8-th position is The World Karting Championship . It is understood that FIA manages all the 4-wheel sports from karting level , up to Formula 1 or WRC .

In Romania, The National Authority for Sport and Youth , ANST , coordinating all the sporting federations, has a "very generous" offer in the field of 4-wheel sports, considering national federations for automobile sports and karting sport as well , namely:

FRAS, The Romanian Federation of Automobile Sport , established in 2005 , has over 1000 licensed drivers and is organized complying romanian legislation, corresponding to the FIA Statute. FRAS covers all National Championships in rallies , karting, hillclimb, offroad, rallycross, etc . FRAS is the local authority in motorsport, having therefore a dispute with Automobile Club of Romania (ACR), still unsolved by the FIA.

FRK, The Romanian Federation for Karting , not coresponding with any international sporting Federation, thus not complying romanian sporting legislation, but benefiting of a controversial civil court decision, had been established afterwards, in 2011. FRK , supported by ACR, has statutory provisions referring only to karting. In order to limit FRAS to join FIA as a full member in its rights, ACR rapidly delegated FIA sporting power for karting, on yearly renewal basis, to the recently established Romanian Karting Federation.  

 In the end, as a result of FIA indecision with regards on FRAS affiliation, meanwhile tolerating ACR, a civil association, as sporting power despite its inactivity in the field of sport, 2 perfectly legal federations for karting coexist on the territory of Romania: FRAS coordinating Dunlop National Karting Championship, on the other hand FRK, linked to CIK-FIA through ACR.